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Reasons for Stuck Network Camera Image

Time:2023-11-23 Source:Kepoint Click:

  In the monitoring project, one of the most common failures is the Video Stuck. Let's take a look at the main reasons for the network camera's Video Stuck together.

Reasons for Stuck Network Camera Image

  Camera itself

  The manufacturer of network camera has its own technical defects. After running for a long time, the network camera will have a big delay, which greatly exceeds the delay time required by the national standard. It gives people the feeling of slow-motion picture, only after turning off the camera can it return to normal. For this situation, we suggest choosing a brand-name equipment with good after-sales service.

  Decoder's decoding ability is insufficient

  For the customers who use network high-definition digital video recorder to display and store, the decoding ability of selected network high-definition digital video recorder will also affect the fluency of the picture. If the picture exceeds the maximum decoding ability of the decoder, or the core chip selected by digital video recorder has low processing ability, it will cause slow-motion picture phenomenon.

  NVR resource is insufficient

  Many monitoring projects, we like to use NVR full load, or connect to the camera's pixel is too high, beyond the NVR's ability, it will cause NVR resource to be insufficient, which may cause slow-motion picture or no picture. We can reduce the bitstream or reduce the access amount to solve this problem.

  Quality of network cable is too poor or distance is too far

  The use of poor quality network cable not adopting copper core material of non-oxygen-free. General standard network cable transmission distance is not recommended more than 100 meters, and poor quality network cable's transmission performance will be discounted even more. If we use poor quality network cable, it may be normal at the beginning, but later with the oxidation and attenuation of the line, it is easy to cause signal transmission packet loss, intermittent connection and slow-motion picture and other phenomena. This situation suggests that we should choose a good quality national standard network cable during construction.

  Choice of switch and unreasonable network structure

  The choice of switch will directly affect the fluency of the picture. If we choose a non-line speed switch, it will cause slow-motion picture. When choosing a switch, we can't only look at packet forwarding rate and backplane bandwidth, especially for core switch's selection, many manufacturers in China haven’t implemented packet forwarding rate and backplane bandwidth two data according to their real performance yet. So when choosing core switch, we suggest choosing a brand-name manufacturer and get more information about switch's usage and parameter.

  It is suggested that 8 points can use 100M switches; more than 8 points need switches with 1000M upload ports; more than 50 points need three-layer aggregation network structure, core switches need to be big brands.

  For slow-motion picture phenomenon, we can reduce bitstream or frame rate to solve this problem, but this is done at the cost of sacrificing image definition. If users have high requirements for image definition, we don’t suggest you to use this method; you need to find out the root cause of this problem and solve it.


  Finally, I would like to add one more common problem: Although monitoring preview itself is smooth without slow-motion picture phenomenon, why does it slow down when reviewing?

  This situation is generally caused by low reading speed of used hard disk or low hardware configuration related to reading and writing performance of hard disk recorder/player. We can back up monitoring data to U disk through backup in order to view it in normal computer with reading performance higher than that of hard disk recorder/player. In addition, it is suggested to use hard disk for monitoring only. When purchasing hard disk, please pay attention to parameters.

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