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How to choose solar panels and batteries for solar monitoring systems

Time:2021-05-26 Source:Kepoint Click:

  The three steps to choose the right solar monitoring system for normal use are as follows:

  Step 1: Determine the power consumption of the monitoring camera. For example, a 2.5-inch ball machine with a power consumption of 0.35A in the daytime, 0.1A for the infrared light, and 0.1A for the PTZ. The maximum power consumption of the ball machine during the day is 4.2W, and at night with the infrared light on is 79.2W. The average daily power consumption is 3.3W.

  Step 2: Choose the battery. The battery capacity (A) is calculated by multiplying the daily average power consumption by 24 hours and the number of days of continuous power supply divided by the battery rated voltage and the battery discharge depth. For example, if the continuous power supply time is three days, the lithium battery capacity is about 20A, and the lead-acid battery capacity is about 30A.

  Step 3: Select the power of the solar panel. The power of the solar panel is calculated by dividing the sum of the daily average power consumption and the daily average power consumption during the rainy days multiplied by the number of days of continuous power supply divided by the local radiation duration, charging efficiency of the controller, and battery discharge conversion efficiency. For example, if the continuous power supply time during rainy days is three days and the charging efficiency of the controller is 0.9 and the battery conversion efficiency is 0.9, then a solar panel with a power of about 100W can meet the requirements. If you want to extend the continuous power supply time, you may need to increase the battery capacity to 40A and choose a larger-power solar panel such as 120W or 150W.

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