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How to install a low-power camera correctly

Time:2024-04-23 Source:Kepoint Click:

  Installing a low-power consumption camera, following these steps ensures proper installation:

  1. Select Installation Location: Choose a suitable location to install the camera, ensuring that important areas within the surveillance zone are covered. Considering the working principle of the PIR sensor, ensure that the camera can detect lateral movements.

  2. Install at Proper Height: Install the camera at an appropriate height, typically recommended at 2-3 meters, to ensure clear capture of activities within the surveillance area.

Low power camera installation height

  3. PIR detection: The detection distance of PIR is 10 meters, and it is sensitive to the human body that crosses the PIR horizontally; And moving towards PIR from far to near triggers insensitivity; It is recommended that when installing low-power cameras, people in the monitoring area should cross the PIR horizontally to improve the sensitivity of PIR triggering and avoid false alarms.

PIR installation diagram

  4. Install Solar Panel: If the camera is equipped with a solar panel for power supply, ensure that the solar panel is installed facing the sun and correctly connect the output terminals of the solar panel to the charging port of the camera. This enables effective utilization of solar energy for charging the camera, extending its usage time.

Installation of solar panels

  Following these steps ensures the correct installation of a low-power consumption camera.

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