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XM camera changes fixed wifi IP address

Time:2023-12-19 Source:Kepoint Click:

XM camera changes fixed wifi IP address

  1、Connect the camera to the router with a cable, connect the computer to the router, and install VMS on the computer

  2、VMS-Home-Device Manager-IPV4 Search-Select device-ADD

  3、VMS-Home-Device Config-click on the left device-Network

  4、Click the arrow on the top right of Network, switch to Wifi, turn on Enable, turn off DHCP Enable, and click Search

  5、Select the Wifi name, enter the Wifi password, enter the IP address, click Apply in the lower right corner, and click OK when successful

  6、Unplug the camera network cable and wait for half a minute

  7、VMS-Home-Device Manager-IPV4 Search-Select the device, and display the camera's Wifi IP address

  8、Disconnect the camera power, wait for half a minute, and then power on. After the camera self-tests are complete, repeat step 7. The displayed WiFi IP address remains unchanged.

  9、Setup completed

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