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Product News

XM NVR/IPC Version View and Version upgrade

Time:2024-01-08 Source:Kepoint Click:

  XM NVR/IPC Version information can be viewed through the NVR Menu, Mobile app (ICsee,XMEye Pro), VMS, Browser and DeviceManage

  *NVR Menu View Version information

  NVR:Main Menu--Advanced--Version--View version information

NVR View NVR Version information

  IPC:Right click menu--IPC param--Version--View version information

NVR View IPC Version information

  *XM VMS View Version information,Installing VMS on LAN PC

  VMS--Home--Device Manager--IPV4 Search--Select device--Add,Click Home--Device Config,Double click on the device on the left side--Version--View version information

VMS View NVR/IPC Version information

  *XM DeviceManage View Version information,Installing DeviceManage on LAN PC

  DeviceManage--Search device--Click device--Display version information on the right side

DeviceManage View NVR/IPC Version information

  *XM ICsee View Version information

  ICsee--Settings--About Device--View version information

  XMEye Pro--Settings--About--View version information

ICsee/XMEye Pro View NVR/IPC Version information

  *Browser View Version Information,Browser installation required VideoPlayToolSetup

  Browser--IP address login--Remote Setting--Info--Version--View version information

Browser View NVR/IPC Version information

  XM NVR/IPC upgrade package download

  The following two version information examples:



  V4 is NVR,V5 is IPC; The middle 8 digits represent version information, while C63 and 000 are neutral versions of XM,

  In the example, just look at the example: NVR C6380233 and IPC 000639I2, and then look for the upgrade packages that are compared, paying attention to the version date

  Link to find version: 【NVR】 【IPC

  XM NVR/IPC Firmware Upgrade

  Generally, upgrades are done locally. The upgrade methods include upgrading the USB drive through NVR, or upgrading VMS, search tools, browsers, remote browsers, mobile phones, etc. It is not recommended to upgrade remotely. During the upgrade process, the device cannot be powered off

  *NVR Firmware Upgrade,Inserting a USB drive into an NVR

  Main Menu--Advanced--Upgrade-The upper part is for NVR firmware upgrade, the lower part is for IPC firmware upgrade, and the lower part can select the channel for IPC

NVR Menu NVR/IPC Firmware Upgrade

  *XM VMS Firmware Upgrade,Installing VMS on LAN PC

  VMS--Home--Device Manager--IPV4 Search--Select device--Add,Click Home--Device Config,Double click on the device on the left side--More--Select file path and click upgrade

VMS NVR/IPC Firmware Upgrade

  *XM DeviceManage Firmware Upgrade,Installing DeviceManage on LAN PC

  DeviceManage--Search device--Click device--Select the file path below and click on Ascend

DeviceManage NVR/IPC Firmware Upgrade

  *Browser Firmware Upgrade,Browser installation required VideoPlayToolSetup

  Bowser--IP address login--Remote Setting--Advanced--Upgrade

Bowser NVR/IPC Firmware Upgrade

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